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Better late than never


UPDATE:  Didn’t take her long to sing a different tune. Twenty-four hours or thereabouts.

Trump: A four-hour sleeper

Salena Zito, formerly of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, currently of the Washington Examiner, brings The Donald into sharper focus:

“It’s a very intensive process,” he says of the presidency. “Really intense. I get up to bed late and I get up early.” He rarely sleeps more than four hours, which is good, he explains, because he can call leaders around the world in the dark hours while the rest of Washington sleeps.

“When I was doing many real estate deals at one time, I always thought that was going to be more comprehensive and lengthier than a day like this.

“It’s not.”

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How The Democrats Lost The White Working Class

“These voters are Democrats by birth, a tradition carried on from New Deal-Democrat paternity who fundamentally started breaking with their party when they began cutting them loose after flirting with their support during the 2006 midterm elections. It’s been a decade since they offered voters moderate Democratic candidates.

“Since then white, traditional-values, working-class, predominantly male voters have been severed from their party so they could build an urban- and cosmopolitan-centered coalition of minorities, elites and women.”

Which is why the Democrat party today is a smoldering hulk of finger-pointing bitterness: The Media wasn’t loyal enough. The FBI was fascist. Racism. Got to be Racism. Sexism. That’s the ticket. Hahahaha. Losers.

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Our coming political earthquake

It took ’em almost eight long years of our Little Barry Hussein and his lying ways, but even the onetime Democrat believers have had enough of the sorry economy outside of Texas. And the Republicans? Hey, even the evangelicals of South Carolina voted for Trump over Our Ted.

“…most analysts were shocked that Trump won a majority of evangelical voters over Ted Cruz. They didn’t understand (some still don’t) that these are the same voters who supported Mike Huckabee in 2008 and Rick Santorum in 2012, and they’re tired of losing. These voters hear Trump shouting about strength and winning — and they run toward the light for the win, ignoring the consequences.

“…That means two wealthy New Yorkers [if you can call the Hildabeast a real New Yorker], neither particularly well liked in their parties, will conduct ruthless, calculated campaigns aimed at each other’s personal destruction in the hope that the electorate will find both so repulsive that they refuse to vote and only the candidates’ hardcore bases will show up.”

That sounds about right. Except that with Trump we might get a reinvigorated economy. Con man or not he knows how money is made. Stolen, too, but also made. The Hildabeast and Slick Willie, who never earned a dime in their lives, will be too busy stealing White House furnishings to give it a try.

Via Instapundit.

Wormtongue’s latest fiction

Our little Barry Hussein claimed in his latest (and thankfully last) State of the Union speech that he has, wait for it, led an economic resurgence. Oh, my. Only he, his diehard supporters, and his federal statistics-gathering minions seem able to see it.

The National Association of Counties released figures the same day proving them all wrong.

“…six years after the economic expansion began, 93 percent of U.S. counties have failed to fully recover from the devastating contraction they suffered during the recession.

“Only 7 percent, or 214 out of 3,069 counties nationwide, recovered by 2015 to their pre-2008 numbers on total employment, economic expansion, home values and unemployment.”

More evidence, in case we needed it, of why ballooning Austin and Central Texas traffic has become a nightmare. Because droves of refugees from the Obama/Democrat economy elsewhere are moving here for jobs that pay better than flipping burgers at McDonald’s.

Via Salena Zito at RealClear Politics.

The American Versailles

Of course I remember the comparisons at the time of the well-heeled, news media elites (and hangers-on like Al Sharpton) partying hard at the White House while West Baltimore burned. But I don’t think I saw any of them express its meaning as well as Salena Zito:

“We are over-regulated, forgotten and over-taxed by a national capital that has become the Versailles of its time — the seat of not only political power but of unprecedented wealth, with a desire to emulate Hollywood rather than the regular people who have carried the burden of building and protecting that pretentious city.”

And they’re right good at ignoring the foul economy their policies have produced and sustained.

Via Salena Zito at RealClearPolitics.