Rule 5: Girls with gun


12 responses to “Rule 5: Girls with gun

  1. That looks like a guy in a tutu with a purse and a gun. The girl, fine though she appears to be, has nothing to do with the gun.

  2. Nice legs, though. Might be LGBT, or just a “big-boned gal” with short hair. The pixie could be her daughter or her lover. Seems to have one of those safety clips in place, without a real one attached. I supposed she could always use the rifle as a club.

  3. Could be one of those short, straight (pun unintended) clips. Looks much like a guy, the haircut is a dead giveaway.

  4. Grr, put this on the wrong post: Also looks like they are wearing one shoe each from the same pair of shoes, on their outside feet. Why is beyond me.

  5. Amusing analysis, y’all. Looks to me like they’re wearing slip-on shoes, so their heels come free as they walk. I have seen Austin women with hair shorter than that, some LGBT, some straight. Just to complicate things further, it could be her hair is growing back after chemotherapy, something I’ve regrettably had experience watching. She does seem to have five o’clock shadow on the left side of her face, so “she” might be a “he” in process of changing genders. Shoot, we could write a novel from this one picture.

  6. Regardless of gender his bag is fabulous!

  7. I have some personal knowledge about that picture, so here is the skinny: it is not related to LGBT at all, it was taken during the Purim celebrations in Tel Aviv. Can’t tell more on-line, and by the way, there is a book (non-fiction) that uses one of the shots made during that day.

  8. Well this information confirms Sennacherib’s unique ability to be wrong on a constant basis.

  9. On the contrary, it looks like the joke is on me. A Purim costume, you say? Oh, my. Lindnjd had it right from the beginning. I should retitle it Girl With Gun, assuming the short one really is female. Oh, well, that’s the Internets for you. It requires more than the usual care to avoid making a monkey out of oneself.

  10. Nothing to be sorry about, most people (locals included) thought the same at the first glance.

  11. Something a little dicey about cross-dressing, even if it is a costume party.

  12. I’m sorry, I didn’t refer to Purim in my initial comment as I thought it to be obvious. My mistake – too many assumptions. The official religious guideline for Purim is to get so drunk one can not distinguish Amman (the bad guy) from Mordechai (the good guy). Wearing a tutu is a minor glitch compared to that.

    Perhaps the picture can be retitled as “girl with a /gender impossible to identify, what’s gender identity nowadays anyway/ with a gun”?