Blade Runner

Bought a copy of this flicker’s “final cut” on DVD to share with Mr. Boy at our new movie-of-the-week-at-home suggested by our counselor. Mr. B.’s never seen it. I remember liking it when I saw the classic scifi tale back in the day in one of the houses of sticky floors.

Been listening to the original soundtrack by Vangelis for several weeks now. Can’t remember how I got hooked back up to the music aspect. Hope the visual and story are as good as I remember. At least the flying cars were cool.

2 responses to “Blade Runner

  1. I think he is grown up enough for Stalker too, here it is:

    It is based (loosely) on a great book by Strugatsky brothers:

    I have even discovered a free PDF floating there:

    Click to access picnic.pdf

    Can’t guarantee the quality of translation, of course.

  2. I’ve read Roadside Picnic. Enjoyed it.