Deer hunting with a revolver

Mrs. Charm’s uncle, Dave Cox, retired Air Force, retired Virginia sheriff’s deputy, likes to hunt deer with a handgun.

“I’m sure there are some that think I’m nuts for using a revolver for deer hunting… Those deer that have ended up in the skillet could tell a different story. Ruger .357 magnum is an excellent caliber for deer, and if they’re within 60 yards, in woods so thick you can’t flip a booger any farther than 5 feet, a long barrel just gets in the way. Gotta save that long barrel ammo for those who think they’re gonna do some gun confiscation… 2nd Amendment lives!”

Takes a lot of skill to stalk prey close enough for a hand gun kill without spooking them away. Not to mention really great aim without benefit of a scope. One of these days…

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2 responses to “Deer hunting with a revolver

  1. Well, a piece of venison is a piece of venison, no matter how it got to your plate 😉

  2. At least the hoof is cloven. Not sure about chewing the cud. ;-