Range Day April 3


Mr. B. has lost interest in shooting but I’m still working on my aim, so it’s off to Liberty Hill on Sunday for the Jewish Rifle & Pistol Club’s April meet at Best of The West outdoor range.

UPDATE:  It was fun, as always. Adam’s walking everyone through a tactical advance-while-shooting-routine was instructive. (Although I’d still rather be concealed or prone on the ground, infantry-style.) Only the staple guns (to affix the targets) ran out of ammo. 😉 See y’all again in June.

4 responses to “Range Day April 3

  1. You know the story of how the Nazis disarmed the Jews? Weimar required gun owners to register, allegedly for some possible future gun problem the state could then readily quash. When the Nazis took over, they used the registry to take away the guns under threat of execution.

  2. Stuart Kaufman

    Where can I get that hat?

  3. I don’t know. I thought it was going to be on the back of the new club caps but I was wrong. Would be worth paying to have it embroidered.