Change for a $20 is a good idea

I agree with the WSJ that Harriet Tubman to replace Andy Jackson on the $20 bill is a good idea. Even if I am related to Jackson by marriage. Andy’s use-by date is long past. Gathering mold for too long now.

Harriet would be a good choice for several reasons. Maybe the colored, er, people of, would stop whining so much with one of their own on the money. Maybe not. Worth a try. Also because Harriet was a gun owner (yay!) and a Republican. Now that’s change we can believe in.

Could be a lot worse. Could be Sojourner Truth, for instance. They taught Mr. B. about her in first grade. For several years he was sure she freed the slaves and I could not talk him out of it. Still can’t talk him out of much but he’s finally heard of Lincoln.

UPDATE:  Hmm, turns out Old Andy will be on the back of the bill which seems like a cluttered idea. He should be retired altogether for simplicity’s sake.

One response to “Change for a $20 is a good idea

  1. Yep, and with a gun if possible.