One more reason not to live in Houston


5 responses to “One more reason not to live in Houston

  1. Yeah, that never happens in Austin or New Braunfels. Right.

  2. Only ever seen it on one street in Austin and that was a long time ago. To see that many cars flooded in Austin you’d have to go back to the Memorial Day flood of 1981, when a bunch were swept into Shoal Creek and wound up in Town Lake. (I decline to call it Lady Bird Lake.) I know nothing about New Braunfels, except that they have a few good sausage places.

  3. OK, so, think down the road a bit to San Antonio. Which has low spots that flood every time there’s a heavy dew. New Braunfles has the Guadalupe, which can get up out of it’s banks in a heartbeat.

  4. Why are you defending Houston? You dont live there either.

  5. Ouch. This is a vehicular mass murder.