Age is just a number

I laugh every time I see/hear this phrase. Usually written/spoken by the young. Who have no conception of how hard time will kick their firm little ass.

It’s also a favorite with poorly-paid young women seeking sugar daddies on the dating sites. How would I know? I joined a couple, including, to assess my prospects.

Met one nice local woman already, a grandmother my age who knows what time can do. She’s a newcomer to the area but already getting acclimated. We’re going target shooting next week.

But also have met a bunch of big boobed scammers who seem to trade come-on lines. Like age is just a number. I’d love to be there when they wake and find old age has snuck up on them. Not to mention gravity.

3 responses to “Age is just a number

  1. “Just a number”! So are the stones in the cemetery. Good for you Stanley getting out and doing that living thing.

  2. One of my stepsons, the one into weights and running and grappling, always said that he wasn’t gonna age like his mom, dad, and me. But that was in his 20s. Now, he’s in his 40s, and he’s beginning to see the fruits of all the workouts. It ain’t all good, yall. Joint problems from the running and the weights are beginning to pile up.

    I keep telling him, wait, wait, your 60s aren’t far off as you imagine.

  3. Just a number? Heh.