Adios, Cassius Clay

His death really isn’t a surprise. His head injuries from boxing could have done him in years ago. But septic shock from a respiratory ailment (according to the ever-fallible snooze media) seems indicative of something besides the usual truth that hospitals are pretty dangerous places.

In the face of the usual storm of encomiums for a celebrity, let me add my iconoclastic two cents. He was a good boxer with a big mouth and a talent for self-promotion. I really did like watching him fight and laughing at his antics. He got the shit beat out of him occasionally and that was sad.

And his head injuries limited him ever after. But then I remember he dodged the draft without consequences. Not that many others didn’t as well. I didn’t like that either. But it didn’t endear him to me. The Muslim conversion was pretty stupid, about what you’d expect from a not-very-well educated American black. And the anti-Semitism that has flowed from it is what you get from Muslims.

His was complicated by having a Jewish grandson.

Adios, Cassius Clay/Muhammad Ali. Enjoy perfect health in the hereafter where you will undoubtedly learn, if you pay attention, that Mighty Mo was a fraud all along. And, no, you don’t get any virgins or raisins.

6 responses to “Adios, Cassius Clay

  1. Larry S. Worsham

    Me sentiments exactly…………..

  2. Fuck him and all his black muslim sycophants.

  3. You could say he just got hit in the head too many times.

  4. Not that I am trying in any way to excuse his sorry big mouth, but I am sure he was just parroting his Nation of Islam leaders. He just wasn’t altogether clever enough to develop his theories on the subject. And yes, he paid that price with his grandson.

  5. I liked Ali; he made boxing worth watching. After him, the malign hand of Don King fell upon the sport and it hasn’t been as interesting ever since.

  6. For a while there, watching him, boxing seemed relatively benign. Then years later you learn he has dementia from all those hits to the head.