Promoting inequality: the college barrier

Instapundit is pretty savvy for a law school professor.He sees the college game for what it is, a barrier against the poor’s chances of rising above their station. Yes, even in America.

Wormtongue says he wants to send everyone to college. That might work. When all have the degree it will be pretty worthless. Except then, even more than now, where you got it would reconstitute the barrier.

Sure the Ivy League is a big deal even today but that has its limits. I tell Mr. B. that as a native Texan he should play that for all it’s worth in Texas, the land of opportunity compared to the rest of the country’s economic blight thanks to the Democrat Party.

But when it comes to Yale or Harvard the natives here really don’t give a shit. They are far more impressed by a Texas school, public or private. And inequality? Shoot, the poor have always been with us.

2 responses to “Promoting inequality: the college barrier

  1. I wouldn’t mind a truly applied meritocracy, where any outstanding child gets his/her chance. But it was never really applied anywhere, so it’s just a dream. Like socialism.

  2. It seems the leaders who promote socialism and similar utopias soon succumb to the opportunities for graft and their own greed. That and, as they say, the fact that inside every leftist is a tyrant screaming to get out.