Turkey coup deja vu

I was fortunately away at college at the time but my sisters and parents were still living in Turkey in 1962-63 when the military staged the then-latest of their periodic attempted takeovers of what they considered a too-traditional (i.e. religious) government. My sister recalls:

“The attempted coup in Ankara Turkey is deja vu all over again. In my senior year in high school in Ankara, there was an attempted coup by mid level Turkish military and they took possession of the Turkish Parliament…which just happened to be a short distance across an open field behind our house. So we heard gun shots in the middle of the night as well as Turkish fighter jets strafing the parliament area. Unfortunately as the jets pulled up they didn’t always cut off their guns fast enough to prevent hitting the back of our house. Near dawn, 2 or 3 Turkish fighter jets flew over the city (Ankara is built in a mountainous bowl) and broke the sound barrier while firing their afterburners. Quite a wakeup call for the city with breaking glass everywhere. I was already awake talking to my parents about what we would have to do..as in possible evacuation. My younger sister woke up screaming. We then set the table with china and silver and scrambled eggs. Give people jobs when they are terrified and really can’t effect the circumstances around them.”

I wasn’t surprised to hear about it when I did. The whole city was under martial law most of them time we lived there from 1961-64 with soldiers patrolling the streets with rifles. Unlovely place, Turkey, then and now. Stay away if you can is my advice.

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