Mrs. Charm’s new scholarship


Two months in the making, it’s official now. Mr. B. and I believe it’s important to work through our sorrow by honoring his mother in ways that help others. And the scholarship is a reminder that she also needed financial assistance to finish college. We plan to add to the endowment over the next few years to make the scholarship even more valuable to its recipients. They will be journalism undergraduates chosen by the university based on their need and merit.

3 responses to “Mrs. Charm’s new scholarship

  1. Sennacherib


  2. I hope you have something to input on the recipients.

  3. I won’t, but I don’t want to juggle a bunch of applications. The U has a committee that does it. I don’t want to bring my politics into it. Journalism was my living and I’m glad its over but it was more than that to Mrs. C and the scholarship is to honor her not me. What sort of journalist it helps produce remains to be seen. Hopefully an objective one. Not all of them are screaming leftists. Each recipient will get a letter of congratulations from us that’s already been written, describing her life and career, and they say we’ll probably get a letter of thanks from them.