Trump’s lead in the polls is growing

$50 million worth of Clinton attack adds have bounced off Trump like pingpong balls. The most recent LA Times/USC tracking poll now has him ahead of the dragon lady by 7 points.

“What scandal can Clinton use to dissuade his voters from crawling over broken glass and going to the polls this fall? Divorce? He’s had two. Bankruptcy? Four. DUI? He doesn’t drink and besides, he has a chauffeur. He gave money to a crooked politician? Yes, and her name is Clinton….

“Trump’s voters are fed up with the system. It’s rigged. She’s one of the biggest riggers. Not indicted. And the [DNC] emails show the skids were greased for her in the primaries.

“Not so Trump. They threw the kitchen sink at him. He didn’t duck it, but caught it, stood on it, and shouted, ‘What else do you have?'”

Heh. A Trump presidency is going to be very entertaining. And for my money pols are no use whatsoever unless they’re entertaining. It will be fun just watching all the PC heads explode in the Democrat news media.

Via Don Suber

UPDATE: The Dem news media and various Dem bigwigs frothing over Trump’s asking Putin to find the dragon lady’s missing 33,000 emails shows they know she lied about them. They really aren’t about Yoga lessons and wedding plans.

2 responses to “Trump’s lead in the polls is growing

  1. Polls, either way, have been shown to be pretty variable in this election season.

  2. He’s been behind her by as much as five points before. This change comes after the GOP confab and his speech at the end.