Ghosterbusters (2016): Don’t bother

From Mr. Boy’s impromptu review I suspect the movie would even gag a feminist. Well some feminists.

First off, he says, having seen it the other day, it isn’t that funny. Some laughs, but no big ones. Imagine. The first one was pretty hilarious.

Second, the feminist angle (the new ghostbusters are all women) is very heavy-handed. So much so that the men in the movie are morons. Especially the male secretary of the four principals. He’s pretty but stupid. A dumb blond who is played for cheap laughs.

“The bland lobotomized token male. Pretty much the only main character who was a man was turned into a stereotype. He was useless, annoying, fake, had an IQ below sea-level, and was clearly trying to pretend to be Brad Pitt, but with none of the acting talent. He also only got hired because of his looks,” says reviewer Girlycard L at

And finally, as Mr. Boy indignantly summarizes, the movie is hypocritical. The four stars not only have hired and kept a hot but stupid secretary, they hunger after him for his looks. You know, like men probably would for a dumb but sexy woman. Some feminists.

2 responses to “Ghosterbusters (2016): Don’t bother

  1. Thanks, but I wasn’t gonna anyhow. Can’t stand that black “woman” supposed comedian. And I ain’t too fond of Melissa McCarthy either. Don’t tell my wife.

  2. I won’t. Some daring reviewers have said the black woman is obnoxious.