Accident or terrorism?

As anti-Semitism becomes more prevalent and vicious at U.S. colleges and universities it’s easy to see it everywhere even when it isnt there. Thus you have to wonder about the SpaceX explosion yesterday in Florida.

That Falcon 9 that blew up on the pad, supposedly running an engine test of some sort, despite its payload already being in place atop the stack, destroyed an Israeli-made satellite belonging to Facebook. The sat was intended to improve Internet reception via smartphones in rural Africa.

The Times of Israel, whose initial reports carried no hint of terrorism, said the loss of the $200 million sat would be a major blow to the country’s space industries. Facebook merely vowed to soldier on.

UPDATE:  Here’s an early, conspiracy-theory explanation. The Falcon 9 suffered a drone attack. The official investigation is going to take lots of time.

3 responses to “Accident or terrorism?

  1. That caught my attention also, engine testing with payload in place.

    • That was one part of the initial reports. The second part was that the final stage boosters under the payload were being fueled. The one may have caused the other to explode. Like most things along these lines the truth won’t be known for a while.

  2. Also when you have a government administration that is not only a habitual liar, but wears it’s lies as badges of honor what can you believe? If they told the truth my hair would stand straight up on my head, turn snow white, and I would do a triple back flip.