Deplorable Hillary

Not just because she’s a well-known criminal. Nor that she is a world class liar of longstanding. No, the best reason of all is that she is hiding a serious health problem.

Specifically, her Parkinson’s Disease. Of which her recent pneumonia diagnosis is a clear indication. Also her freezing on stage and frequent trouble walking.

But she’ll never own up to it. And the videos of her shocking rag doll act at the 9/11 memorial event show that even the Secret Service is covering for her.

She’ll have to be outed.

Via Drudge

UPDATE:  Wikileaks has a tantalizing partial outing: “It has been confirmed that the State Department staff, under Hillary Clinton, was told to research new drugs to treat Parkinson’s disease.

AND:  I like the coffee mugs best, but the Team Deplorable tee shirts are also nice. Not wise to wear them here in lefty land, however.

4 responses to “Deplorable Hillary

  1. I don’t know Stanley, there are so many people invested in her that I wouldn’t be surprised at all if she died and they somehow kept her in the race (ala the dead “Cid” being strapped to Babieca for one last charge at Valencia).

  2. She looks like a dead puppet in the rag doll bit, but she was photographed laughing and smiling a few hours later. They’ll have to drug her up real good for the debates and we’ll see what happens then. Her “basket of deplorables” might become scatalogical. Making Trump look like a victim will be amusing and the end of her. Or she could just faint and fall on the floor and win the sympathy vote. I knew Trump was going to make this election amusing. Had no idea she’d do it too.

  3. Yeah, the debates that’s the Dems nearest worst hurdle. I bet they try every trick in the book to postpone or change the debate’s format.