Why we’ll surrender our guns


The menacing police above are from the Ferguson riots. They’re a stand-in for what many gun owners seem to fear the Democrats will unleash on us when they finally get around to banning private ownership of guns. Soon if the Hildabeast wins the presidency. Later if she doesn’t. But confiscation, when it comes, is much more likely to be voluntary than the start of Civil War version 2.0  Huh?

Because we already have a national registry. The one most law-abiding gun buyers sign into when they go through the federal background check the seller is required to make. And the guns we bought on the sly? We buy ammunition for them, right? Probably not with cash. So the feds, via snoopers like the NSA, know exactly the caliber of our off-the-books guns.

So it’ll be a simple matter for the feds to send out letters demanding we turn in our registered and unregistered firearms. Probably to the nearest UPS store which, on a federal contract, will box them up free of charge and send them to a warehouse somewhere.

And those of us who refuse to meet the deadline will soon discover that the FDIC has notified our banks and our brokers and our credit card companies to freeze our accounts until further notice. We’ll be in the poorhouse until we comply. With no one to do battle with. In the electronic age we’re really very easy targets.

Easy peasy.

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4 responses to “Why we’ll surrender our guns

  1. Good prediction.

  2. Sadly. The feds have had their hands around our necks for a long time. It’s just a matter of deciding when to squeeze.

  3. Nah, nah, nah. Talking Texas laws here… Up East and in CA, it is different. The 4473 you fill out when you do a transfer stays with the FFL as a paper record. When they call into NICS, your FFL says one long gun or a hand gun or 2 long guns……. whatever. NICS and all that database stuff does not know what you transferred beyond that generic info.

    They tried outlawing assault rifles already in possession in NY and the folks just ignored them. To collect all the paper records necessary to go door to door or even enforce economic sanctions is a task so monumental I do not think it is possible.

    But perhaps TPTB think it is………. How many visits would they make before their actions became public knowledge??? Once a gun owner became aware of the intentions of John Law visiting him, how many enforcers would have to die before the enforcers lost fervor for the job?

    They are going to try and control gun ownership but I think it will be via ownership restrictions on new firearms and ammo or excessive taxation of purchases. Also look for imported firearms and ammo to go away.

    Guns and ammo have not been as available or as reasonably priced in the last 8 years as they are right this very minute. It may not stay like that after the first Tuesday in November.

  4. “To collect all the paper records necessary to go door to door or even enforce economic sanctions is a task so monumental I do not think it is possible.”

    Maybe so. Most federal agencies are pretty incompetent. When I bought a semi-auto at Academy I stood by while the clerk called Quantico. He didn’t just say long or short. He related the type and caliber. Also the IRS doesn’t bother to “go door to door,” they just write you and if you don’t comply… For that matter they might be the enforcers here. Treasury could freeze the accounts. But it would be monumental and certainly take a while, years, to complete.