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Deplorable Hillary

Not just because she’s a well-known criminal. Nor that she is a world class liar of longstanding. No, the best reason of all is that she is hiding a serious health problem.

Specifically, her Parkinson’s Disease. Of which her recent pneumonia diagnosis is a clear indication. Also her freezing on stage and frequent trouble walking.

But she’ll never own up to it. And the videos of her shocking rag doll act at the 9/11 memorial event show that even the Secret Service is covering for her.

She’ll have to be outed.

Via Drudge

UPDATE:  Wikileaks has a tantalizing partial outing: “It has been confirmed that the State Department staff, under Hillary Clinton, was told to research new drugs to treat Parkinson’s disease.

AND:  I like the coffee mugs best, but the Team Deplorable tee shirts are also nice. Not wise to wear them here in lefty land, however.