My all time fav pic of Slick


Side eyeing his victims, fearful of seeing mother of child on the Lolita Express? Or maybe his black illegitimate son? Drudge calls photo the “face crack” of the century. But the century is young.

2 responses to “My all time fav pic of Slick

  1. Plenty more opportunities in the next several years, I reckon. Check out Z Man’s recent post. I’m with him.

  2. The Z Man is good on the 2nd debate: “Last night, I was reminded of why Trump was able to obliterate the GOP field despite being out spent a million-to-one. He is not a pussy. Any other Republican faced with the dirty trick pulled on Friday would have gone into the debate prepared to grovel and plead, begging for a second chance. It is not [at] all inconceivable that he would have offered to step aside. Trump went into the debate prepared to deliver a counter [p]unch designed to knock the old fat cow on her ass.”

    And he did a fine job of it, to the continuing outraged howls of the Dem news media. Recall Lincoln on calls to cashier Grant because of his heavy drinking: “I can’t part with this man. He fights.”