Does Comey have a death wish?


Lots to laugh about with the FBI’s announced reopening of the Hildafelon’s emailgate investigation. Imagine not just her outrage but the flabbergast in the nation’s Democrat newsrooms and editorial boards. On the other hand, as the Z man says: “If you are going to strike the queen, you better kill the queen or have plans to leave the country.”

Now the mere fact of Weiner’s survival all this time speaks either to her incompetence or that the Clintons really don’t have people killed for thwarting them. So maybe Comey doesn’t have a death wish. But never mind the Cintons. If she loses the election now the entire Democrat party will be after his ass.

I like this idea from Allen, one of the Z man’s commenters: “My bet is on the Ghost of Directors Past. Can you imagine J. Edgar Hoover hounding you at night? In drag? So, I think he saw that the Clintons had even publicly tied…the FBI to their little criminal enterprise with the #2 guy’s wife, and it was a bridge too far.”

So the queen is now calling for complete disclosure by the FBI of why they’re reopening her previously closed case. But how can they do that? A police agency showing its hand before indictment would be unprecedented. But, then, so is what Comey has done. Either way he looks pretty dumb.

Me, I miss Wilbur Mills and Fanny Fox in the fountain. Scandals were so much easier in their day. Nevertheless, time to lay in a goodly stock of popcorn. The curtain is up and the show has begun. Enjoy.

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2 responses to “Does Comey have a death wish?

  1. Just thinking about Weiner rubbing that phone all over his weiner… Can’t unsee that.

  2. He belongs in one of the mental hospitals our “enlightened” society did away with back in the 70s.