Kissing up to Code Pink

Some of my former co-workers, now also retired, periodically wax nostalgic about the snooze biz. I’m not nostalgic about it in the least, and can get downright irritable when I remember how it turned into the Leftist suckup news media that is pounding Trump, just like it enabled the Bush 2 haters and spent so much ink and paper kissing up to the lunatics of Code Pink

Undeserved credibility back then went to CP every time they held a “protest.” Some hapless reporter (including myself more often than I like to remember) was dispatched to “cover” their nonsense and lies. And if you tried to write objectively or included too many quotes from their critics, you got beaten back. As one editor told me in excising same from one of mine: “This is THEIR story.”

A President Trump will bring them back to the streets, I’m sure, and back to the pages of the snoozepapers, which are now struggling to pay the light bill. But it will be worth it to see the CP apoplexy. I hope they yell their pink selves hoarse and turn red. They already are Reds, politically, of course.

Who were, as an OCS friend’s WW2 veteran father once said, “the same as Nazis but in crappier uniforms.”

2 responses to “Kissing up to Code Pink

  1. Stanley,
    “This is THEIR story.”, Yes, and what a story it is. But, it all doesn’t matter. Even if Hillary wins, these people’s day is done. They never have learned the lesson that nothing is certain beyond your next breath. I’d be willing to bet that when you covered CP in person every single one of them had a certainty that they and their ideology was, is, and will be the future. They, the press, the politicians, etc etc, are fools. Their ideology is a spent force, degenerating into criminality and coercion. Though still potent for the the damage they can do they are doomed. As for the rest of us, I don’t know, but great changes are coming (have been happening), maybe something along the lines of the crash of the classical world. It’ll be probably devil take the hind most, but you and I and I think a few other commenters are too old to see it through. I have concentrated on teaching my daughter all I know to cope, some would say it’s impressive, I know it it’s pathetically little.
    An example: I once was with friends in a large concentration of “survivalists”. After listening to the “off the gridders” I told my friends that I knew more about how to do this than all of these people put together, then asked them “how long did I think I would make it?” They were surprised when I said a month or two tops. Your friend who lives in a trailer in southwest Texas knows twice as much as I or anyone else. Well I’ve blabbed enough, it’s just these people (CPers, survivalists, etc) get my blood up.

  2. I’m sympathetic to most of your thesis, though I think Code Pink and Survivalists are at opposite ends of the spectrum. The collapse could be civilizational in Europe, madly stocking up on criminal Muslims as they are. But here I expect it will be a vast reordering of the political landscape, the implosion of the Uni-Party as Ann Coulter calls the Dems and Reps. It’s hard to say who among them hates Trump more. Hard to say which nominee would speed it up faster, Trump as he battles Congress to lower taxes and cut back on the regulations and uncertainty now strangling the small businesses that do most of the hiring in good times, or the Hildabitch who would spent most of her time stealing and issuing unenforceable executive orders no one would obey. And probably be indicted by some authority before 2017 is out. Like our little Barry Hussein she is not a negotiator. Certainly not a deal maker like Trump. And I’d much prefer to see his beautiful wife and daughters in the WH than her trying to hide her drunkenness and Slick Willie chasing interns. The implosion would probably go a lot faster with her.