Post-election civil war?

PJ Media’s Roger Simon: “As miserable as this endless election season has been, the aftermath is likely to be far worse.  You don’t have to be Nostradamus to see that putting the American Humpty Dumpty together again is going to be a herculean task. Our country could be permanently fractured in ways few of us would have anticipated even a year ago.  Anything is possible now.”

But, not, I think civil war. The insane angries are too ad-hoc, with no real infrastructure, or base of supply. I do think if Trump is elected, the leftists who already are used to spending their time in the streets, confronting the police, will do a lot more of it. At least until a few of them get killed. Hopefully not too many police will have to die, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some did. But a sustained war? Most of the leftists are too wimpy for that. Few of them even know how to load a gun, let alone clean one.

If Clinton is elected, I could foresee a Democrat version of Nixon’s Saturday Night Massacre (Wikipedia here) in which either Obama fires Comey and starts a purge of the FBI or, more likely, he preserves what legacy he has and waits to let her do it after her inauguration. In the meantime, even if the FBI were to recommend she be indicted, they have no grand jury to do it and no prosecutors to put her on trial. That’s up to Loretta Lynch’s DOJ and while there might be a lot of yelling about how it’s not being done, it wouldn’t get done on the remainder of Obama’s watch.

As for a conservative civil war, that’s a contradiction in terms. Conservatives are not demonstrators. Many of them own guns and like to shoot. But they aren’t rioters and they certainly wouldn’t confront the police.

So civil war? Violence maybe but I can’t imagine how a real war would work.

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2 responses to “Post-election civil war?

  1. The left will just go back to pre-Obama mode. It’ll be fought in the courts, government agencies, media, and the streets. What is different is if Trump wins he’ll have a much changed federal and state legislature makeup to his advantage. His main priority should be to select a lot of good federal judges, clean up the DOJ, rein in the other agencies through appointments and legislation, and provide an example and comfort to state level politicians and legislatures in their efforts.

  2. Oh, I forgot to say it will be tough, it will. For this will going after these peoples reason for existence and they will fight.