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Bronco’s rush to break us

“Presidentish Biden — or whoever is running this White House — seems to be in a rush, not just to change government policies, but to break the country.”

Among other ways by killing the Keystone XL pipeline and renewing Bronco’s war on domestic energy production. Almost makes you believe Bronco his ownself is running the White House. We got his old press secretary, after all. And ninety-two Biden executive orders in the first few months. A whopping record in itself, even for Mr. Pen and Phone.

“Soon to come: Tax hikes that won’t raise the promised revenue but that will shrink economic growth, the Revenge of the Regulatory State, and other Democrat pet causes…We haven’t seen a rush of progressivism like this since Obama’s first two years, and the result was the worst race relations since the Civil Rights Era and the worst recovery since the Great Depression.”

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Post-election civil war?

PJ Media’s Roger Simon: “As miserable as this endless election season has been, the aftermath is likely to be far worse.  You don’t have to be Nostradamus to see that putting the American Humpty Dumpty together again is going to be a herculean task. Our country could be permanently fractured in ways few of us would have anticipated even a year ago.  Anything is possible now.”

But, not, I think civil war. The insane angries are too ad-hoc, with no real infrastructure, or base of supply. I do think if Trump is elected, the leftists who already are used to spending their time in the streets, confronting the police, will do a lot more of it. At least until a few of them get killed. Hopefully not too many police will have to die, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some did. But a sustained war? Most of the leftists are too wimpy for that. Few of them even know how to load a gun, let alone clean one.

If Clinton is elected, I could foresee a Democrat version of Nixon’s Saturday Night Massacre (Wikipedia here) in which either Obama fires Comey and starts a purge of the FBI or, more likely, he preserves what legacy he has and waits to let her do it after her inauguration. In the meantime, even if the FBI were to recommend she be indicted, they have no grand jury to do it and no prosecutors to put her on trial. That’s up to Loretta Lynch’s DOJ and while there might be a lot of yelling about how it’s not being done, it wouldn’t get done on the remainder of Obama’s watch.

As for a conservative civil war, that’s a contradiction in terms. Conservatives are not demonstrators. Many of them own guns and like to shoot. But they aren’t rioters and they certainly wouldn’t confront the police.

So civil war? Violence maybe but I can’t imagine how a real war would work.

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Rolling Stone’s fake gang-rape story

You know, the one that got all the fraternities at the University of Virginia suspended until further notice? The one that’s now cratered, i.e. the one that the aging look-alike for AARP Magazine (thank you, Ed Driscoll), has now retracted due to “misplaced” trust in its single source.

Its single source. Mull that one over for a while. One person. No corroboration. No support. One person. Wow, it doesn’t take much to move the whole Democrat news media’s needle these days. On the other hand, it was the WaPo that cut up the story. Thanks, no doubt, to its 2013 purchase by Jeff Bezos.

And the usual post-story-collapse cries of “fake but accurate” now resound. These aren’t journalists. They are leftist political activists ever in search of illustrations to support their agenda. And the author of the exclusive (one source!) and the Rolling Stone-AARP Magazine itself did it all before, back in 2011. Only that time, three Catholic priests and a school teacher went to jail.

BTW, I’m still waiting for the leftist “news” hounds to do an investigative piece on the dark power of sororities. Hopefully with more than one source. Dream on.

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UPDATE: In which the leftist rag disguised as a journal of news clarifies its retraction/apology.

The more things change…

When I was young and, for whatever reason, wound up watching television news or reading the front page of a newspaper, I’d see some jowly old white Southern Democrat congressman explaining why racial segregation really wasn’t a problem because he and his cronies had things well in hand.

Nowadays that particular lie is most often told by some jowly old Southern black Democrat congressman like Elisha Cummings of Maryland who recently assured the Democrat’s chief CNN stenographer Candy Crowley that the IRS “problems” have been solved and we can all go back to sleep now.

Meanwhile handsome young Southern Hispanic Florida Republican senator Marco Rubio is lying out both sides of his mouth, in English on one side and in Spanish on the other, to justify how the pols just need to get on with this amnesty legislation so the multimillion illegal immigrants of the Hispanic persuasion can be legalized. And, no doubt, make them eligible for welfare and food stamps, as well. And, it should be needless to say, prompt their cousins to cross the border as well.

And our very first black President Wormtongue has always casually told one lie after another knowing very well that Crowley & colleagues in the snooze media are fellow Democrats who will take everything he says as the honest truth or at least not make any effort to look into whether it might not be.

In other words, very little has changed among our political class since the late 1950s. They still lie. You still can’t trust them. No matter which party they’re in. But, hey, aren’t they just as diverse as all get out? And doesn’t that make you feel good? No? You racist.

UPDATE:  Re Cummings’ unbelievable assurances on the IRS, nevermind email and phone snooping by the NSA, the IRS itself is watching your every move in the Web. 

“…taxpayers should know that whatever people do and say electronically can and will be used against them in IRS enforcement.”

Our new surveillance state has become pervasive. Goodbye land of liberty.

He stepped in it, so what?

Mrs. Charm came home from work last night announcing that Gov. P. had “destroyed himself” in the latest of the interminably-stupid Republican “debates.”

Well, that’s part of her job in the Democrat media, to draw such conclusions about politicians, particularly Republican ones.

I watched the video and thought how amusing. He froze. So what? How many times has that happened to me? Too many to remember them all. Besides, if I have to listen to another meandering Obamalot speech where he says nothing much in a preachy way, and then contradicts himself, usually the very next day… Well.

I’m still for Rick as the best of the bunch, certainly better than Robot Romney or even Cain, who I also like, never mind his bimbo eruptions.

But as economist Thomas Sowell says of Cain: the White House is not for on-the-job-training, as the current resident has demonstrated so well, ruining our economy, and lowering our position in the world.

As for Rick, well, the country could use some honest Texas Aggie humor for a change: Gig ’em!

PJ Media CEO Roger L. Simon suggests bagging the rest of these dog and pony shows. What a great idea. Of course he also wants Rick to quit in favor of Cain, Romney and Gingrich. But, hey, nobody’s perfect.

Laughing in the boardrooms

Noted earlier we were laughing at the OWS “Flea Party.” But, hey, they’re laughing in the boardrooms on Wall Street where the so-called 1 Percent, Obama’s biggest donors (beneficiaries, all, of his “stimulus” lie), work and play.

Well, some are laughing, as the protests turn predictably violent and the Democrat media looks the other way. These mainly white, dreadlocked scruffies are the very best argument against themselves. They are going to get Obamalot re-elected? Heh. I don’t think so.

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