Bob Dylan was never my poet

I sorta liked “A Hard Rain Is A’Gonna Fall,” but otherwise. Folk music was a joke. And the hard rain didn’t really fall. LBJ retired to the ranch. The only people who got really wet were us veterans of his fuckedup war. Howsomeever.

“We are not a folk but a church, and our native music is church music–the Battle Hymn with its quotation of Isaiah 63, for example, or “The Year of Jubilo,” whose hymnal roots I analyzed here. Our popular poetic language is that of our national epic, the King James Bible. We sang the go-to-meeting songs of the Methodists and other Protestant denominations. This informed the spirituals of black slaves who gave us our first original art form. American folk music? Gospel is as close as we get to such a concept.”

The most authentic thing Dylan ever did—besides going electric—was to refuse to go accept his Nobel Prize for Literature. He knew he was a phony.

Read the rest from a practicing Modern Orthodox Jew.

6 responses to “Bob Dylan was never my poet

  1. Come on, Dick. Hard to beat Tangled up in Blue. I could list a ton of other lyrical masterpieces from that wore out old freak with the bad voice. And he has often said that he’s just a guy who writes songs, and the fact that some of us are moved by them, well, that ain’t his fault. It’s in OUR head, not HIS.

  2. I’m with you JD.

  3. It’s in YOUR heads, not mine. But that’s okay. Including if your majesty wants to post a favorite YouTube here. Maybe y’all should go to Copenhagen, get his medal and slip it under his door.

  4. Oooh, someone is touchy! Acting almost like a……………..CHALDEAN!
    A true story, years ago, before I paused in my drinking, I was at my favorite watering hole with my daughter and a good friend. The gal bartending had graduated 2 or 3 years before from UT with a degree in drama. Well she loved Dylan, so much so she had played him non stop for over 3 hours.
    Well, I couldn’t resist and asked her if she had ever heard of the album Bob had recorded in Nepal. She of course hadn’t, but my friend with a straight face and not missing a beat said he had. “It was Bob’s obscure, but very famous thirteenth album”, which I then asked, wasn’t that the “Sherpa Sessions” album, where upon she cried “I’ve heard about that one”.
    And they wonder why they have huge college loan debts. I like Bob, but I can ive without heim.

  5. No honorable scribe when we are feeling a little off we go see………………..

  6. Ehehe… the way it goes lately, this is my fave.