Butt Out, Donald

Yeah I voted for him and yeah I mostly like what he’s doing and hope to like more and more as time goes on. But his recent bark at Israel to stop with the settlements is damned odd. It’s the establishment’s oldest line and our Donald is supposed to be anti-establishment. Whatever gives with that, stop it. Now.

As for Israel, please keep settling Judea and Samaria and then annex all of it!

6 responses to “Butt Out, Donald

  1. I thought he said “stop announcing them”, not stop building them, but maybe I didn’t read it close enough.

  2. You’re right, or at least that’s what I also read. But it’s ambiguous, whether he meant for them to hide the fact of the building or to stop it.

  3. Sad that he seems to have drunk the establishment kool-aid. His Big Oil secstate is going to find it very hard to take the petty-thief Abbas seriously. Either we can forget the embassy moving to J-lem or else Trump’s just stalling until we can get off the Saudi oil-teat and get our own fracked oil up and running. Which will probably entail fighting more lawsuits. Establishments do not give up easily.

  4. I am not watching him (or anything else in fact) too closely, but he seems to be changing his opinions on almost everything on daily basis. I feel more and more that whoever called him Donald the Unready was right.