Show me the man, I’ll find you the crime

UPDATESo said Stalin’s secret police, which Alan Dershowitz says is a lot like the Trump/Russia circus.  The case is being “done backwards and it raises great concerns about civil liberties.”

It’s probably going to come down to some hapless aide being charged with perjury—like happened to poor Scooter Libby. It is Stalinistic. Which is appropriate considering all the Socialists of the modern Democrat Party.

Via PJMedia

UPDATE:  It appears from Comey’s testimony that it isn’t some hapless aide to be charged with perjury, but Gen. Flynn his ownself. It’s a “process crime,” as the legal beagles call it, and it’s shabby, especially when done to someone, as in Flynn’s case, of whom the lawdogs already have recordings. Stalinistic, indeed.

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