Fake news, again

You remember the Trump cabinet meeting story? In which, according to the Mediacrats, the cabinet members sucked up to the boss? A Maoist reeducation session? Not. Didn’t happen.

“This small episode, this miniature, wholly unnecessary bit of dissembling or incompetence by the press, is a nice example of what Nicole Hemmer, a political scientist at the University of Virginia, has called ‘Trump Exceptionalism.’ It is a disease that strikes journalists above all. In the eyes of the bright young things who work in the White House press corps, with their faulty educations and unearned world-weariness, everything Trump does must be nefarious, and if not nefarious, at least vulgar and unprecedented. It just has to be. So it is. Even when it’s not.”

No wonder Trump gets so pissy on Twitter about Fake News.

Via The Weekly Standard

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