Coincidences at sea

“Adm. John Richardson, U.S. Navy chief of operations, told reporters that the collision is ‘obviously an extremely serious incident, and is the second such incident in a very short period of time, inside of three months, and, you know, very similar as well, and is the [latest] of a series of incidents in the Pacific Fleet in particular. And that gives great cause for concern that there is something out there that we’re not getting at.'”

No kidding, Sherlock. Second destroyer hit by a tanker, this time in broad daylight, in three months. Following a cruiser collision earlier this year with a fishing boat and a cruiser grounding in Tokyo Bay. Why all in the Pacific?

Via PJMedia.

UPDATE:  Seventh Fleet c.o. gets the boot. Well, that’s a start.

4 responses to “Coincidences at sea

  1. akakyakakyevich

    Because that’s where China is, he said, wink wink nudge nudge say no more!

  2. Stanley,
    The 7th fleet’s co boot is as you say “is a start”, there is a ton of PC brass from the last Administration that needs to go.

  3. There certainly seems to be something similarly wrong with these captains.