Full auto only works from above

More good insight from J.D, at Mouth of the Brazos.

“You can’t hit a fucking thing in full auto…. The only way they are worth shooting in full auto would be like [the Vegas massacre man] did, i.e., spraying a tight group of targets, and the way for inducing fatal shots rather than a bunch of superficial wounds would to be from above, which would lead to a shitload of head wounds.”

Full auto, also known as spray-n-pray, is strictly for intimidation purposes.

Via Mouth of the Brazos

2 responses to “Full auto only works from above

  1. I did not specify, but as a former M-60 driver, I should have mentioned that full-auto on a light platform like an M-16 or AK is not accurate. REAL machine guns, designed for that duty, are accurate as hell. 1000 yards for the M-60. Especially on a tripod.

  2. Maybe that’s why he had bipods for the light weapons. Vegas was lucky he didn’t have an M-60, of which some must still exist from retirement that weren’t turned into scrap.