Stupid Joe is dirty Joe

“How Vice President Joe Biden’s son’s firm scored a $1.5 billion deal with the Communist Chinese government’s Bank of China only 10 days after Joe Biden and his son returned from China aboard Air Force Two in 2013″

Just one of the revelations in Secret Empires, explanations for how some of our pols get rich at the public trough. They do it the old-fashioned dirty way, with the Mediacrats always looking somewhere else. Gaslighting us with nonsense about how stupid Joe threated to pummel President Trump. As if.

Via Breitbart

2 responses to “Stupid Joe is dirty Joe

  1. Two old white VIPs pummeling one another is news.
    $1.5 billion deals is boring.

  2. Anything that’s easy is news. Anything that takes time, money and thought is not,