Checkers’ surgery

Barbara Ellen’s beloved cat Checkers is “eating” again, through a tube through his esophagus, put there by a vet who pulled five of his teeth, one of which was broken at the gum line and another that was so decayed the root was showing.

The pain must have been intense and had apparently shut down his desire to eat. Such that he had lost almost ten pounds in two months.

Now he’s lively again, his tummy filled with food via the tube and his post-op pain soothed by morphine every twelve hours. The tube will be removed by the end of the week and he can get back to eating normally. Hopefully Checkers will not miss the morphine too much.

4 responses to “Checkers’ surgery

  1. Just a note on my surgeries. I have been in hospital for two months. Four arthroscopies on my right knee. I’m too shaky to type other than two fingering, so, no posting till my strength is back.

  2. Whoa, sorry to hear that. Get well soon. But I’ve been two-finger typing my whole life. 😉

  3. Yeah, no kidding.

  4. I used to type just like I’m thinking. I’m so frikkin shaky now, it just ain’t happnin