The Deep State is real—and dangerous

“In Washington a picture is emerging of an eerie and lack-of-candor railroading of Donald Trump conducted by the likes of James Comey and Andrew McCabe. The abuse of power by government officials who refuse to acknowledge the authority of the duly-elected chief executive is not limited to the FBI.”

By no means. It also includes national security bureaucrats “who use secretly collected information to shape or curb the actions of elected officials…”

They are trying to overturn the legitimate choice of 63 million Americans.

Via WSJ’s Best of The Web & Power Line

2 responses to “The Deep State is real—and dangerous

  1. I’ve been saying for awhile they should really question Clapper and Brennan very closely. These two guys are skating and don’t deserved to be out of the limelight.

  2. Lynch and Holder, too. In fact, the whole of Bronco’s crew. And himself, the lying crook.