The newsroom shooting

It’s a fantasy of some journalists, to imagine what it would be like to confront a disgruntled reader/viewer with a grudge and a gun.

Some people take the news media entirely too seriously. Some of them are journalists who feel their work is a calling, rather than merely an interesting, somewhat overworked, somewhat underpaid, racket. The news biz.

Somewhat overworked are the reporter/writers. Most of the middle-manager editors are seriously overworked. And the pay varies from paltry to lucrative, depending. Mrs. Charm was one of the latter, by both measures, as for 35 years I was one of the former, so I know.

And, yes, I sometimes imagined what it would be like if a disgruntled reader/viewer walked off the elevator at my longest gig and started shooting.

For one thing s/he would have taken out people in features and the copy desk which were nearest the elevators. The people who seldom wrote anything controversial though they may have edited it. It was not hard to imagine s/he getting through the lobby with a long gun, let alone a more easily concealed handgun. Security was lax in my day.

Not that shootings such as happened this week in Maryland were rare, though they usually afflicted the post office. At any rate a newsroom shooting never happened in my day. The disgruntled certainly existed but they mainly confined themselves to impassioned rants and lawsuits.

Fortunately. But not for me. I didn’t work anywhere near the elevators. I would have been far from the action, which would have remained only a fantasy.

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UPDATE:  Much is being made now by writers/editors of Trump’s old (February, 2017) remark that the “fake news media” (specifically: NYTimes, CNN, NBC News, ABC, CBS) are the “enemy of the American people.” I can see how it could be twisted by a criminal like the Annapolis guy to justify killing any media. But it was/is certainly true of the anti-Trump NYTimes and cable and otherwise broadcasters who go on and on and on 24/7 with the full-hysteria, often fake Democrat narrative.

The Mediacrats in general have always hated Republicans and now Trump especially because he fights back. When you focus on one side of the argument, because it’s your side, you’re not doing “the people” of “your community” any favor. You are, in fact, their enemy. But you shouldn’t be killed or wounded because of it.

2 responses to “The newsroom shooting

  1. One disturbed person with a long standing grudge against a newspaper doesn’t a trend make. But you can hear voices blaming this or that pol already, so expect more of the blaming game…

  2. Used to be everything was blamed on Bush the younger. Now it’s Trump. Their only similarity: both are Republicans.