The Supremes cleaned Bronco’s clock

So far President Trump is winning in the supreme court. That could change, as presidents seldom win more than two-thirds of their cases. But Trump will have to lose a lot more to equal Bronco Bama’s dismal record:

“Over the course of the 84 terms and 13 [modern] presidents in our dataset, presidents prevailed in nearly two-thirds of their cases (and captured 60 [percent] of all votes). By comparison, the states won significantly fewer of their cases during the same period (53 [percent]).”

“Comparatively, Obama’s performance was ‘especially poor.’ ‘He prevailed in just 50.5 [percent] of his cases—a percentage slightly lower than the states’ win rate while Obama was in office (55.4 [percent]).”

Giving Bronco the worst record of any president in modern history. So much for his reputation as a constitutional scholar, the smartest man in the room. He wasn’t even close.

Via The Free Beacon

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