InfoWars objective

Reasonably so, yes, in the headline news segment of its app. Not the Alex Jones commentary which, of course, is commentary. The app is, curiously, still available at the Apple app store. I downloaded it to my phone in the interest of promoting free speech. You should try it, too.

Meanwhile, Twitter’s CEO says they haven’t deleted InfoWars and won’t until they see a violation of their service agreement. Which, alas, isn’t defined.

Via Twitchy

2 responses to “InfoWars objective

  1. The same with Android, I checked yesterday, it is still there.
    While Alex J. is crazy as a bedbug (no offence to the fair city of Austin implied), I have always viewed him as a quality entertainer. Be sad if he is gone…

  2. The app will keep him in business, and there are successors to YouTube he can join. As for Austin, the libs (including my old employer) despise him with a passion. But there are enough conservatives here to keep him employed, especially after what the big lefty techs have done.