Israel’s “outsized response”

Andrew Gillum, the black progressive (i.e. socialist) Dim running for governor of Florida, has attacked Israel’s actions versus Hamas. As if he’s running for… Whaaa?

“…Gillum defined those purported ‘actions’ as including alleged Israeli ‘outsized response’ against Palestinian [rocket launched] threats while claiming alleged Israeli disproportionate ‘firepower’ and ‘pushback’ are primary causes of regional instability.”

Whoa. Looks like Gillum’s shaky on Hamas. Wonder how that will play in Jewish Florida? We here at the Scribbler have long favored Israel’s disproportionate response, as the best way to beat back her enemies.

War ain’t a game, Gillum.

Via Breitbart

4 responses to “Israel’s “outsized response”

  1. Romp and stomp on them Israel.

  2. Yep, Democrats are seeing new possibilities in bashing Israel.
    Just like their British Labour colleagues…

    P.S. Something off topic: just posted something on FB you might have missed, although I doubt you did.

  3. Don’t do Facebook. I’m behind Israel 100%, have been for decades. Israel needs to put a good whupping on these characters every 10yrs or so.

  4. I think this Israel bashing will fail to help one get elected, just like talking up socialism will fail. At least I hope so.