Funded by New York & California

Yep, that’s where most of anti-gunner, anti-oil Beto’s $38 million campaign bucks came from, the part that isn’t direct from Soros. And it’s one reason why he’s well behind Cruz in the polls.

Via Earl of Taint

UPDATE:  Beto’s got more than $70 millon now. Lotsa Carribean vacations coming up, eh Beto?

4 responses to “Funded by New York & California

  1. This must be that Liz Warren Native American everybody is talking about. I am so glad that she wears no feathers. She is so woke that she does not even do cultural appropriation from her own culture.

  2. LOL!

  3. Quite good. BTW, one of my FB friends stated a while ago that the right wing finally mastered the meme and are much better at it than the left now.