Reincarnation redux

Got a chance the other day to confront an under-2-year-old with the reincarnation question “Do you remember when you were big?”

She nodded her head vigorously. But when I asked her what it was like, she grew fearful and drew back against her mother. I apologized and reassured her that everything would be all right.

Later I got to wondering why the fearful reaction? Was her past life, or the end of it, that awful? Or was she just shy?

Her mother told Barbara Ellen that her grandmother (the child’s great grandmother) was convinced the little girl “has been here before.”

UPDATE:  Barbara Ellen notes that the girl was born deaf in one ear.

5 responses to “Reincarnation redux

  1. Horse puckey, Dick.

  2. Oh ye materialists of little faith… Try it sometime and see what you get.

  3. If I come back as a dog, I’ll bite you.

  4. Just so you know it’s me, you understand.

  5. I expect to be carrying by then, along with most of the population. So don’t be surprised if I shoot you first.