Twitter’s purge

“If you are an Islamist anti-Semite like Louis Farrakhan, Linda Sarsour, or Congresswoman-elect Ihlan Omar [D-Minnesota], you are safe. If you are the military wing of Hamas, you are safe. If you are an unhinged anti-Trump conspiracy theorist, you are safe. If you are accused of being ‘far right’ (regardless of whether that’s an accurate description), you are at risk.”

Abandon Twitter. Join

Via Legal Insurrection

3 responses to “Twitter’s purge

  1. Oh yeah, both Twitter and FB are doing more or less the same work, where Twitter still leads as far as absurdity is concerned. Check this thread:

  2. It’s incredible that Hamas has a Twitter presence, with photos of dead IDF soldiers (per upcoming post via Goldstein), but independent journalists (i.e.not part of the cartel) can’t criticise a Muslim congresswoman without being banned.,

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