The source of black anger

The cult of the African American has been a staple of American society for decades. Black images fill advertising copy. Trendy, especially millennial, white woman want a black man on their arm. Yet visceral, incoherent black anger remains.

“Reality is that thing that does not go away when you stop believing in it. Race relations in America, with regards to blacks, have always been about a series of gates. Blacks who can behave themselves pass through the gate from the ghetto to the suburbs. Blacks with something on the ball can enter into the managerial class, assuming they are willing to accept their symbolic role in the system. The violent and stupid, in contrast, cannot pass through those gates, so they are penned up in urban reservations guarded by the police.”

Those who pass the gates are angriest, because they know the system is real.

Via The Z Man

2 responses to “The source of black anger

  1. Well, the presence and the necessity of the gates seems to be the troubling fact. I am not being judgmental here, just trying to understand how the situation could be changed. if at all.

  2. I doubt it can be changed, at least as long as the “urban reservations” exist, with their periodic riots. And it seems too many young women, white and black, are left with black children to raise alone. I cheer on the black fathers who stay to help raise the kids. They’ll help to change the situation.