Beto’s Green New Deal

In which we’ll get to pull our Dodge Grand Caravans on ropes. Or hire horses from the Amish.

It’s for damn sure we won’t be asking for $28.53 gas money from Beto, aka Richie Rich, another asshole from El Paso. 

Via Instapundit

UPDATE:  Now Mr. “Born to Run,” aka  Robert Francis Domnall Blathmac Tigernmas “Beta” O’Rourke, is taking hits from the left.

MORE:  His long-ago kiddie snuff fiction should do him in. Or his own conflicting public statements.

4 responses to “Beto’s Green New Deal

  1. I love that and Kinky’s other one “They ain’t making Jews like Jesus anymore”!

  2. Yeah but anti-gun, anti-oil Beto really is a socialist asshole and he’s really from El Paso.

  3. Yeah I understand he’s a Rep from out there. I don’t think he’s going anywhere, apparently a “past” he thought safely buried has reared it’s head and he’s been off to the apology races.

  4. The DWI deal is old news in Texas and he’s been outspoken about it (in Vanity Fair and elsewhere), and not just to apologize.He has Soros money and an estimated $70 million total left over from his race against Cruz. His new gimme gas money gambit is just to attract the rubes who’ll find it charming,