The dead kiddie didler

“Anyone can come up with conspiracy theories. But there is no escaping the fact that [Jeffrey] Epstein’s career was one long conspiracy of mysterious money, a private island, the subversion of justice systems in three states, and the federal system, followed by a death that should have been impossible.

“A corrupt system enabled Jeffrey Epstein to abuse numerous girls. And now a corrupt system, somewhere in the shadowy maze of Civic Center, has drawn a final curtain over his death.”

Via Sultan Knish

5 responses to “The dead kiddie didler

  1. You know the Southern District of New York has always been a bastion of anti-Trump legal activity. With the Epstein death Trump was just handed the keys to investigate that place top to bottom and clean it out. What a gift.

  2. He’ll probably use it, too, to get even. Somebody or several somebodies were bought off.

  3. I agree on the bought off, it just amazes me that it would happen in such ostensibly controlled place. Someone was desperate to risk the bad PR to knock him off.

  4. Somebody named Clinton, probably.

  5. As poorly as this thing was handled you could pick a theory any theory and have something to talk about.
    Whether he committed suicide, was murdered, or had a heart attack doesn’t matter because everyone believes he was murdered period.