The “neutral” Fed’s resistance

“A key lesson of the Trump era is that every single allegedly neutral, nonpartisan, super-professional institution has turned out to be, in fact, a bunch of partisan hacks shilling for the permanent political party. Voters can be forgiven for adopting a ‘burn it all down’ attitude in response.”

Yes, and we should start with indictments at Fart, Barf & Itch.

Via Instapundit

3 responses to “The “neutral” Fed’s resistance

  1. Like I said (to the point people are sick of me saying it) Trump was right from the very beginning to treat it as a political problem instead of a question of law, ethics, and or morals. He was right and he is winning.

  2. I’ll say this too, the Dems don’t realize it but even if by a wild chance they defeat Trump in 2020 there is no going back to what it was before, a cherished fantasy of the Dems.