Pedo Joe is self-destructing

Creepy, gropey, pedo Joe Biden was supposed to be the safe, sane alternative for the Dimocrats in 2020. Instead, he’s falling apart.

His most recent bizarro move came when he called a New Hampshire woman voter, who admittedly had asked him a hostile question, a “lying, dog-faced pony soldier.” Pony soldiers, according to Google, are Canadian Royal Mounted Police, though presumably Biden didn’t mean that. But calling a would-be voter a liar and saying she looked like a dog, is just plain nuts.

“At his best, Biden hemorrages odd syntax, non sequiters and virtually nothing that indicates he made it past the third grade,” says Stephen Kruiser at PJ Media. “This guy doesn’t need any more public campaign events, he needs a sedative and a full-time nurse.”

A nurse who doesn’t mind being groped.

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