Anarchists vs communists

Why is it that President Trump repeatedly calls the rioters “anarchists,” which may be true of Antifa but hardly defines Black Lives Matter? The mainly-white BLM are admitted Marxists (a scholarly cover name for communists) who are reported to often be the majority of the rioters, especially in Seattle and Portland.

The white AK-47 toter killed in Austin was said to be there for BLM. I suppose Trump, hoping for significant black support in November, doesn’t want to get into a fight with them because of their deceptive name. He may do so after he’s re-elected. Or perhaps they’ll just fade away. Or double down.

2 responses to “Anarchists vs communists

  1. The terminology is Marxist itself. Because after the revolution and the dictatorship of the proletariat there will no longer be a state, mind you, it will be an administration. What the different between state and administration is? The word! And because there is no state in the end, but only an administration, the Marxists are anarchists of course. They also don’t want a police, just security.

    Also on the way to the state-free administration, the state or nation is fought. No nation, no war. And the handouts? Okay, a bit until we all share the proceeds of labor. Until then we fight the state by attacking the military and the police.

    Yes, it’s THAT intellectual.

  2. I’m not sure the cops will be amused.