The sleaziest brothel in the world

“The US Capitol is hardly a ‘sacred temple of democracy,’ it’s the sleaziest brothel in the world, totally bought and controlled by powerful interest groups and foreign governments. Who are they kidding?”

Via Nicholas J. Fuentes on Twitter

2 responses to “The sleaziest brothel in the world

  1. As always, we are ahead. Democracy is gay marriage, abortion and nice. Institutions of democracy are not principles and rules that the powerful should abide to, no, they are people and buildings.
    (Translation note: We used to use the word ‘democracy’ for what Americans call a republic. Now, it is all the cultish love-bombing described above.)

  2. The American left calls it a democracy, the right a republic. It started out as a republic but gradually got change to, at best, a democratic republic, which is a bit of a contradiction. I don’t mind gay marriage at all. Abortion is trickier. But, frankly, I know it’s all a drama that ultimately won’t mean much when we go home to see Snoopy and the others we’ve lost.