Protecting Biden from the people

It’s President Trump who has the authority to call out the national guard, not Biden or Pelosi or any other Dimocrat at the moment. So it’s Trump who’s called out 25,000 troops to D.C. the next few days. In full kit, with automatic rifles and live ammunition.

For Biden’s inauguration. Making him look like a chump who needs to be protected from the people. Someone who wasn’t, you know, actually elected.

Via PJMedia

4 responses to “Protecting Biden from the people

  1. I think the situation is tense and one nutcase could easily be an excuse for a harder crack-down. So all protection is fine with me. One should also not spare any medical assistance. He must survive the next four years or Kemela.

  2. What could be a harder crack-down than 12-foot fences with razor-wire on top, ballistic helmets and auto-rifles? Not to mention check-points with id requested. I don’t see anything else they could do, and none of this was used against the very real BLM and Antifa riots and their burning of cars and businesses. All this may be fine with you, a German, living far away. But it’s the first time in living memory here in the States and makes Biden look weaker than he already is and does.

    • Taking away your guns, for example. I can imagine that some madman might shoot in Biden’s direction and that this would be used as an excuse to crack down on guns.

      We had a dude shooting dead a police officer who raided his apartment for weapons. The result was that you don’t get a gun license anymore without a background check from the thought-crime intelligence agency Verfassungsschutz. I’m saying that you have always something that you still can lose.

      You may say that Americans would not surrender their guns or that the Dems wouldn’t dare. I say that the Dems don’t give a fig about police officers being shot in the collection campaign. It’s just more propaganda for driving it faster. It makes the life of low police officers more dangerous, but it makes their lives safer. So whatever excuse they get, disarming the public is a plus plus from their perspective.

      And a lot of people will turn in their weapons when push comes to shove. Voter fraud aside Biden and Trump could only mobilize about 80 Million Americans each. There is a substantial number of people who cannot be bothered with anything and they will rather support whatever campaign is advocated by the elites because it’s the easier talk during the lunch break.

      When people’s income, family peace and everything is pitted against their guns, they will submit their guns. Most of them. The Swiss have even a larger per capita gun ownership than the US. They gave up their right to carry in a referendum because of some EU trade deal blackmailing. I have seen America and Europe giving up their right to speech in the past years. I don’t trust us anymore when it comes to the protection of any rights.

      There is always a freedom they can come for. There is always something you can lose.

  3. That’s very interesting and possibly probable, but I think it would work better in Europe, where y’all are more used to taking orders. I can imagine an American politician, a Dim certainly, trying to confiscate all the personal guns in the U.S., but I can’t imagine it succeeding. The mickey mouse “riot” at the Capitol, which unfortunately killed a few, would be peanuts compared to the deaths and turmoil in trying to do confiscation. I wouldn’t want to be there when it went down. And I assure you there are millions of guns that are unregistered, that the feds/locals don’t know about. We aren’t like the Jews of Weimar.