Bronco’s rush to break us

“Presidentish Biden — or whoever is running this White House — seems to be in a rush, not just to change government policies, but to break the country.”

Among other ways by killing the Keystone XL pipeline and renewing Bronco’s war on domestic energy production. Almost makes you believe Bronco his ownself is running the White House. We got his old press secretary, after all. And ninety-two Biden executive orders in the first few months. A whopping record in itself, even for Mr. Pen and Phone.

“Soon to come: Tax hikes that won’t raise the promised revenue but that will shrink economic growth, the Revenge of the Regulatory State, and other Democrat pet causes…We haven’t seen a rush of progressivism like this since Obama’s first two years, and the result was the worst race relations since the Civil Rights Era and the worst recovery since the Great Depression.”

Via PJMedia

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