The Biden Way

“Yet all this mush ignores Biden’s innate mean-spiritedness that we’ve witnessed for 50 years dating back to his Robert Bork/Clarence Thomas hearing days, his handsy indifference to the private space of dozens of women, and his more recent “lying dog-faced pony soldier,” “fat” and “you ain’t black” incoherent venom….

“Biden told the nation that the January 6 Capitol riot was the greatest attack on American democracy since the Civil War. He knows that is untrue and an egregious insult to the more than 5,000 Americans who perished on December 7, 1941 and on September 11, 2001….

“So Biden will grimace and contort, as he calls for unity, to rally the virtuous against the legions of Russian colluders, racists, insurrectionists, and Jim Crow revivalists under every American bed. All these impediments to fundamental transformation, Joe Biden must unfortunately, reluctantly, and with real remorse surveille, monitor, root out, raid, jail, confine, and smear. 

“All that is the Biden Way.”

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UPDATE: Facebook refused to take this post, calling it abusive. They’re in the bag for Pedo Joe.

4 responses to “The Biden Way

  1. Liberals: “Trump is dumb and evil and can’t keep his hands to himself. Therefore we vote for senile Joe Biden.” You can’t make it up.

  2. Pedo Joe can’t keep his hands off little girls

    • I once used footage of that. He was inappropriately touching children one after the other for about a minute straight. It is amazing to me how nobody cares. How do people think a pedo (allegedly) would look like? How would they detect a danger to their own kids?

  3. Most haven’t seen the video. With one girl child he paws her chest and she pulls away and he pulls her back. He’s a real scumbag who need arresting. Imagine Google has taken it down.