Chemo went well

My Mississippi friend said her second round of chemo went better than the first. Except for joint pain. That’s good news, but her cancer is still at stage 4 and spreading. All the chemo is doing is buying time.

UPDATE: I’m now sending her Reiki every day, in hopes of helping reduce her pain and help her relax.

2 responses to “Chemo went well

  1. I’m sorry. A great uncle of mine is also likely to die soon (a series of strokes just bound him to the bed now). But we were not terribly close and to see a friend suffer from something as horrible as cancer is incomparable; incredibly painful. There are no words for it, nothing but ‘sorry.’ I pray that she will be granted more time, and without pain, and with a clear mind.

  2. Thanks for the prayers, they’re always good, but death isn’t the end. Life continues. I just want her to be comfortable before her transition to the Other Side. So I’m sending her a Reiki treatment every day